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Dr. Ed Neukrug

Kristina Neukrug

Welcome to Counseling Books Etc.

A former elementary school counselor, Kristina Neukrug designs and creates hands-on, counseling materials and activities to help clients with self-awareness and problem solving. To learn more about Kristina's creations or to make a purchase, go to the Counseling Materials page.

Dr. Neukrug is a well-known, prominent author in the field of Counseling and Human Services.  He has written 10 books that are used in Counseling and Human Service programs throughout the country as well has overseas. His easy to read, comprehensive texts consistently receive rave reviews by both professors and students. To learn more about Dr. Ed Neukrug's Counseling and Human Services books or to make a purchase, go to the Counseling and Human Services Textbooks page.


* Counseling and Human Services textbooks written by Dr. Ed Neukrug.

* Counseling Materials created by Kristina Williams-Neukrug, M.Ed.